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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

meat x layer x layer chicks, natural diet

Just an update on my bunch of 21 (meat hybrid x leghorn) x commercial layer chicks.

These birds are growing exceptionally well on the home diet, which contains wheat, corn and pea sprouts, sunflower seeds (whether sprouted or not), lucerne (alfalfa), seaweed meal, salt, shell grit and of course my favourite, kefir made from powdered milk.

Bearing in mind they're a day short of 7 weeks, I think you'll agree the growth is really good so far:

Gobbling grass.

Very like a leghorn, this fellow.

We like to know what's going on...

Strapping pullet.

Nicely grown cockerel; remember these birds are only one quarter meat hybrid, and the rest is leghorn and layer.

Oof, he's a big fellow!

A nice pullet, again taking after leghorn.

Accessing the feeder as well as the greens.

Pleasant day in the sun.

Happy in the tractor, not having to be on the alert for aerial predators.

Another pullet.

Inquisitive cockerels looking at my shoe. As I took the photo another jumped on my shoulder from behind. Charming!

Last but not least, sunbathing pullet doing a great impression of roadkill. :)

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