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I prefer to find my own balance between nature, welfare and cost in raising happy chickens.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Big, beautiful and useless..

Two examples of birds bred for looks.

Both these point of lay pullets were lovely to have around. But they ate a huge amount without coming into lay in time to be useful birds. Given my economic circumstances, and Cranky Husband, I just couldn't afford to keep them.

Unfortunately, many non-utility chickens are pets, and keeping them healthy can be expensive, especially when birds like the heavy Plymouth rock (at the rear) gorge themselves and develop weight-related laying problems.

Other chicken keepers will love them for looks alone, so good luck! There's no 'right' or 'wrong'; there's only what you want!

For me, it's chooks that can supply a few human necessities while for the most part leading happy lives.

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Kath said...

My silver laced wyandotte hen lays big beautiful eggs in nesting straw by my backdoor every day except when broody) and doesn't cost too much too feed. She's lucky enough to be a proper free range farmhouse chicken though - maybe that makes all the difference. I'm treating old breed dual purpose farmyard chicken like old breed farmyard chickens - they get some mash and some scratch mix but find most of their food themselves.


I do have a barred plymoth rock hen and her eggs are not quite up to scratch. I'm waiting to see whether her offspring are tasty before making any decisions though.