Why do we need another chicken blog or forum?

Many chicken forums are moderated to sell commercial feed, chemicals and ideology.
I prefer to find my own balance between nature, welfare and cost in raising happy chickens.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why do we need another chicken blog or forum?

So many sites on the net already spell out how to look after chickens.

But many are moderated with a bias toward giant agricultural and chemical companies.
Do you know who's funding your favourite chicken forum? Even if the moderators seem nice, can you be sure they're not steering you in a direction that suits their industrial backers?

My interest in chickens comes from both childhood and from ten years of serious chicken breeding for utility, i.e. home use.
I've got a lot of time for those who breed to standard, but it's not my style.

What I'm interested in is breeding useful backyard birds that survive well without overmedication and without constant chemical inputs.

I'm also interested in making home rations, but I'll be frank about any pitfalls I encounter (such as the likelihood in a drought stricken country like Australia that the wheat will contain dangerous mould toxins, due to weakened seed coats). Sometimes you just have to go for what works, and I'm not against commercial rations or commercial wormers if they become necessary.

So stay tuned for a blog that's going to follow my own experiences, hopefully give a few laughs, provide a few links to what may be useful internet resources for those who want to work with as little reliance on commercial agricultural companies as possible, and just basically gab on about chooks!


Beth Spencer said...

What a great blog! Such a wealth of experience and information. Thank you. Beth

Erica Bandanna said...

Thank you, Beth! I'm glad you liked the blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Erica, thanks for your informative blog. I have really enjoyed it and learned from it. I found this blog while I was trying to find some unmedicated chick starter. I received a fair bit of negativity on one chicken forum when I had a sick chick that now I think may have had cocci. It was my first case and I had raised other chcks without medication. I did locate some feed from a http://www.organicstockfeed.com/ stockist. Although it is a chick starter/grower and is 18% protein I would have preferred a little higher protein. I have met you IRL, I bought your incubator. Keep the blog going I think there needs to be more 'natural chickens' and you are obivously well informed.


Erica Bandanna said...

Hi Larissa! Isn't it a small world? :-) I'm glad to hear you're doing a similar thing with trying to reduce medication. If only there was more support for these efforts... But I figure a little informed experimentation will help us and maybe help the world (especially if we share). :-)

Meanwhile, thanks for the kind comment!