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Sunday, February 5, 2012

meat hybrid x leghorn rooster and pullet

Just thought I'd show how the meat hybrid x leghorn experiment is going.
I'm happy with both cockerels and pullets (though I've only ended up with two of each, after various troubles getting the incubator to hatch anything at all).
So here they are.

These birds are enormous, but not massively overweight. They can jump up 600mm to perch, and are just as adept at getting down. In fact (combs aside) they remind me of the way Indian game (Cornish) used to be, full of
power and vigour.

They're also of the right temperament. In fact they're better than many male birds I've kept, as I'm having no great trouble keeping both cockerels in the one pen. This may change as they mature, but basically they ignore each other most of the time. And needless to say they don't show any signs of turning on me, nor are they what I'd call 'too tame' (often a precursor to human-aggression).

They're not quite 19 weeks of age, and one of the pullets laid an egg today, so that's pretty good going.

Fingers crossed!

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