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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy anconas, happy malay x ISA brown mum!

Time for something a bit more up beat... Just thought I'd include a few shots of the malay x ISA brown mother and 'her' brood, all coming along nicely.

Below is a good comparison shot of male and female anconas. (Note: they're not 100% purebred.) However you can see the gender differences fairly clearly: the pullet (left) has a much lower stance, smaller legs, and a smaller, narrower, duller comb. There's room for error on all these observations but at this age it's a fairly reliable guess.

And a quick note regarding coccidiosis: these birds were in a small, very wet pen during the rainy spell. The above pen is much drier. I moved them after the meat birds started to show symptoms because I worried these guys would too... But they haven't needed medications and are still going well on a 50/50 diet.

Today I saw the malay x mother encourage one of them to eat a whole sunflower seed (which it did). If the chicks are trying larger whole grains then in theory they'll develop stronger gizzard muscles. Having processed quite a few birds, I feel this is true.

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