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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The dog, the chooks and the goanna...

Lucy is right to look proud of herself. I heard her high pitched, frantic 'goanna' bark and went outside to find a large one up a tree. She'd chased it there after it obviously came around looking for cheap treats.

This goanna ate just about all last summer's eggs and turned my flock into egg-eaters. (Goannas smash eggs in the nestbox, and the chickens soon learn that their eggs are yummy.) I was tearing my hair out until I relocated the layers away from that side of the yard, which verges on bush, to an area where at least the neighbour keeps his grass short.

Now the goanna has to run the gauntlet of the dog, instead of being able to hop over the fence from dense bush straight into the pen!

I can't imagine a better dog than my Lucy. She does everything I want and nothing I don't want. Does that sound like normal dog-owner boasting? I'm sure it does! But she really is the perfect chicken guardian and personal companion. She has very strong protective instincts and while she loves fresh caught meat, chickens (even baby ones) don't figure at all on her menu. They're her family. I can send her running into the pen to chase whatever shouldn't be in there, and whatever it is, she'll grab it.

I'm sure I've said all this before, but the goanna up the tree was one more reminder that my dog rules!

Now if I could just get her to tackle those air-assassins, goshawks...


Jaymie said...

she's beautiful :)

Beth Spencer said...

That is one gorgeous post! 'She does everything I want and nothing I don't want. ' - what a fantastic love-poem. And such soulful photos. Love it.

Leanne said...

Hi, I have a Goanna or a Possum or a Snake??? eating the eggs, ca't seem to keep the blighter out. I fix the wire, he pushes under it ot through it. The girls are moulting as it is, so precious few to share !!

Erica Bandanna said...

Hi Leanne, that's a big drag!! Have you tried pegging the mesh into the ground around the coop so he can't push under? But of course they can climb too...

I'm having success this year with the laying shed being away from bush, and with raised hatches the chickens have to go up a ramp to get into. So far Mr Goanna hasn't learned the knack.

I hope you sort him out!
Thanks for the comment,